etc.venues County Hall hosted hybrid event.

Stats: 95% of Event Organizers Likely to Run Hybrid Event in 2020

Ninety-five percent of event planners may run a hybrid event in 2020, according to a survey by etc.venues. This figure reflects the growing commitment to hybrid events as, at the beginning of July, 73 percent said they expected to hold a hybrid event this year. Many are already putting this into action, with 34 percent of respondents in the process of organizing a hybrid or multi-hub event, while 61 percent are in the decision-making phase for their event.

The data was collected from 1,215 event planners globally who attended the second in a series of Hybrid Events Masterclasses, organized by global events, training and conference venue provider etc.venues.

The hybrid event, run in partnership with Glisser, was held in two locations, with one live panel in etc.venues County Hall in London and a second across the Atlantic in etc.venues 360 Madison in New York. Online delegates tuned in from across the U.K., the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australia.

Topics discussed ranged from how to best engage virtual and in-person attendees, bringing audiences across locations together via hybrid hubs and networking at hybrid events. etc.venues and its partners have created a helpful Q&A guide that answers the key questions raised across the two hybrid events.

The expert panel in London included Nick Hoare, COO of etc.venues, Mike Piddock, CEO of Glisser, Ralph Cochrane, co-founder of Event.Video, and was moderated by Samme Allen. The New York-based panelists included Meghan Carey, chief revenue officer of Glisser and Fiona Macpherson, VP business development of etc.venues. The panel members were questioned in-person by Judy Elvey, president of MPI United Kingdom & Ireland Chapter.  

The panel’s views proved to be persuasive. Pre- and post-event polls indicated that during the 60-minute session, delegate confidence in running a successful hybrid event had increased from 5.9 out of 10 to 6.5 out of 10.

Nick Hoare, COO of etc.venues, said: “It is really interesting and encouraging to learn that planners’ confidence levels in hybrid events have grown significantly—and rapidly—over a relatively short time-frame. It is also a good sign that planners want to get back into meeting rooms and see the hybrid as a route offering greater flexibility.

“We all know the power of live events and it is clear that planners, despite recent restrictions, are focused on keeping that crucial face-to-face and live element in virtual events, which is fundamental to their success.”


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