Hilton Survey Says: What Young Clients Want From a Business Trip

An overwhelming majority of young business travelers – 73 percent – have a better travel experience when they spend free time on their own, according to a new survey from Hilton Hotels & Resorts. The company conducted a 15-minute online survey among a nationally representative sample of over 1,200 U.S. travelers ages 23 – 25 on what they want out of business travel. 

Hilton says that, according to the survey, young business travelers prefer a buzzing social environment and in-person interactions during regular work hours, but they would rather spend their evenings on their own. Eighty-four percent of young business travelers in the survey said that they cherish their alone time during business trips and nearly three-fourths (73%) said that they have a better experience when they spend downtime on their own. When asked how this group prefers to spend their free time, results included:

  • Eating at local restaurants (69%)
  • Exploring the city and/or neighborhood (59%)
  • Sleeping or relaxing (56%)
  • Working out (35%)
  • Attending a happy hour (38%) or unwinding at the lobby/hotel bar (32%)

In looking at preferred work styles while traveling for business, findings were consistent with Hilton’s 2018 survey results with 81 percent of respondents believing that they can get more done in-person, the company said. Findings also underscore how their workspace – whether that’s a formal meeting room or multi-functional common space – plays a key role in spurring creativity, encouraging collaboration and ultimately contributing to positive outcomes. Key findings include:

  • Bustling Environment: Two-thirds of respondents (63%) are more inspired in a busy, social environment when they are working alone/independently
  • Natural Light: 92 percent prefer natural light/windows in a meeting space
  • Colorful Spaces: 80 percent prefer a colorful meeting space with elements inspired by their surroundings
  • Intuitive Technology: 82 percent prefer a meeting space with advanced, intuitive technology beyond Wi-Fi

The survey was fielded by Edelman Intelligence from June 4-7, 2019.

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