Delta Launches New International Main Cabin Experience

Delta has officially launched its new international Main Cabin experience worldwide. The new service includes amenities such as welcome cocktails, hot towel service and bistro-style dining. 

The official launch follows a test of the new service on more than 1,200 flights, which Delta says is the largest such test in its history. The new experience was designed by a team of more than 20 flight attendants. Here’s what’s new:


  • Welcome cocktails: Shortly after reaching cruising altitude, Main Cabin customers will be presented with a welcome cocktail. For its first welcome cocktail, the airline is offering a Bellini, a combination of sparkling wine and peach nectar, in a nod to Delta’s Georgia roots. 
  • Bistro-style dining: During meal service, customers can select their choice of upgraded appetizers and larger entrees – mixing and matching much like they would while dining out, Delta said. Standard meal trays will be replaced with custom-designed serviceware made with 30 percent bio-based materials, with upgraded cutlery that ditches the plastic wrapper in favor of a new placemat for use on the tray table.
  • On-demand snacks: In addition to the welcome cocktail and refreshed dining options, Delta is debuting a new anytime snack basket that will be available for guests after meal service. The basket will include a rotating variety of sweet and savory snacks, such as Cheez-It crackers, Tillamook cheese, OREOsKIND Bars and the airline’s beloved signature Biscoff cookies.

Delta said that the new experienced resulted in increased customer satisfaction scores on the routes on which it has been tested over the past year. The new service is available on international flights scheduled for six-and-a-half hours or longer, as well as select shorter flights where Delta One or Delta Premium Select is offered. 

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