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BCD Meetings & Events Expands Into Taiwan

Image by llqfhj from Pixabay 

BCD Meetings & Events (BCD M&E) has expanded into Taiwan with the addition of G-Concept, part of GIS Group, to the company's Global Partner Network. BCD M&E said that the move will better serve customers in need of larger, global scope with local delivery in Taiwan.

BCD M&E’s Global Partner Network encompasses meetings and events companies around the world. In addition to Taiwan, BCD M&E has signed additional global markets over the last three years including: Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Russia, South Africa, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece and Colombia. Partnering with companies in these countries brings events industry expertise to global customers, as well as the customization and expertise of local markets, says BCD M&E.

“When we look to grow specific markets, we make a strategic decision to either expand our wholly-owned operations or partner with local businesses to serve our customers,” said Scott Graf, global president of BCD M&E, in a written statement. 

BCD M&E says that it employs a stringent qualification process to ensure its meetings and events partners understand and adhere to the quality of service that BCD M&E delivers to all of its customers.

These new target markets are largely driven by customer demand. BCD M&E said that it will continue its Global Partner Network expansion in key markets throughout the Europe, Middle East and Africa; Asia Pacific; and Latin America regions in 2019.